About Me!

LUSTRE Video & Photography by Samantha Gurrey

I was born in Toronto and I moved to Scotland in 2012 to study for my Masters Degree at the Glasgow School of Art. I decided to stay in this beautiful country after meeting my husband here.  We now have a lovely wee Scottish boy and I've adopted a bit of a Scottish accent myself! Or at least an unrecognizable Canadian accent.

I'm a painter, photographer and filmmaker. I've always had a passion for art! I decided to be a Wedding Photographer/Videographer after my own wedding and after being involved in so many of my friends weddings. It's incredible that I'm able to be a part of so many wonderful events and use my creativity to give couples something to remember and cherish forever!

I would describe myself as being slightly wild,  silly and a bit of a dork and a lover of all things glitter, cats and hip hop!


This isn't just a business for me. I'm an artist and I'm lucky enough to really enjoy the work that I do! I do all of the photography & filming myself (and can do it at the same time - takes some multitasking but I love doing it!) and I do all of the editing. Which means I'm able to offer my packages at an affordable, competitive price.

I have been crafting my own style and technique for years and would like to think that I produce a unique option for brides and grooms who are looking for something a little bit different. If you think this describes you, then I would love to hear from you!